We introduce you the STARTECH technology

The technology that can change the way you work, making it easier, faster, more efficient. A look at the technical characteristics of the screw with STARTECH technology that our company brings for the first time in the Greek market, will convince you of its functionality. It is designed down to the smallest detail to cover even the most demanding craftsman. Save time and money. Trust the most experienced team of professionals. The team that has been a pioneer for thirty-five years, not only with its high quality products, but also its dedication to you, its partners and provides you with first-line products with specialized support.

A goldmine of knowledge

Our team has the experience and training to provide effective solutions, with the best value for money. Our name is synonymous with prompt service.

Long-term cooperation

We are close to the professional and his needs. We know his requirements and enable him to simplify his transactions and choose the solid solution of a supplier.


Guarantee is our thirty-five years of experience and our weapon is our strict specifications. We conduct testing meticulously and in real conditions. We test the insertion speed, the coating depth, the recess matching, the corrosion acceleration. We examine all the details that can prove crucial in the daily work.

Patented products exclusively from us

Quality assurance is our highest priority combined with a commitment to the quality of our manufacturers, from whom we receive exclusively patent-protected products.





Quality testing


All STARTECH screws undergo very meticulous quality testing at the production plant. Thus, we are sure that our customers have in their hands a quality product that meets the necessary specifications and deservedly wins a place in the FSCO product family.